March 25, 2008

everybody loves the Bible

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smiling-with-bible.jpgAmazing new research into the habits of Christians shows that a majority of western Christians absolutely love reading the Bible. In this extensive piece of research 9 out of 10 respondents reported that they read the Bible for at least an hour every day. They also stated they always acted on what they had read in the Bible.

Top church Pastor, Rob Bell Ringer comments,

“It really should be no surprise to us to hear this. The Bible is the Word of God – if we want to be transformed, that is where we go. Christians understand this.”

The same research also reports that 98% of congregations are happy with their Pastor, stating they spent all week both excited by what their pastor was going to preach on, but also processing in detail what the pastor had shared the previous weekend.


To see the full report go to:



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