March 26, 2008

a preposterously driven life

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I recently had the pleasure of catching up with world famous Christian author: Rick Rabbit-Warren about his massively huge best seller: Preposterously Driven Life.

HP: Rick thanks for your time, you are a bit of a hero of mine.

R R-W: I just want to start by saying that yes I am rich from book sales, but I give most of it away to desperately needy causes such as other less capable churches than mine.

HP: Great! So tell us about Preposterously Driven Life.

driven.jpgR R-W: Well it is particularly aimed at Christian leaders and those in Christian ministry. The idea is that I lay out the rules for being successful in ministry. The first preposterously driven principle is to work non stop and refuse to take breaks. It works along the lines that if you don’t do the task, no one will.

HP: Won’t that lead to burn-out?

R R-W: For the weak back slider sure. The second principle is to portray a perfect exterior and cover up any ugly secrets. Those in the congregation need to believe the Pastor is just fine.

HP: That doesn’t sound very truthful.

R R-W: The fact is, if people really found out what sort of person their pastor is, they would leave the church. And who wants that?

HP: Ahh yes so wise.

R R-W: And then I discuss what I call the four Ds: obsess over Detail, Demand perfection, don’t Delegate and Definitely be hard on yourself when you make mistakes.

HP: How are you hard on yourself when you make a mistake? Is that often?

R R-W: Never, well not that I would tell you. But if I was to make a mistake.. I would basically tell myself that I am useless, load up on guilt and expect myself to be simply amazing at everything I do. I find this is really a boost to my prayer life.

HP: Well thanks for your time today, I sure learned a lot.


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