April 17, 2008

much needed sponsorship

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With so many churches struggling financially and so many businesses keen to spend money to attract new customers it is no surprise that churches are now actively seeking corporate sponsorship.

Reverend John Udas states:

We welcome the injection of funds but we were clear to make sure our values were aligned and that the sponsorship badging wasn’t too obtrusive.

The church and sponsors are now discussing product placement on the alter and key mentions within the church service. One example is: ‘The Lord’s Prayer is brought to you by Sonar Books, the happy reading folks.’

Reverend John and the new badging:


March 24, 2008

Archbishop gets jiggy with it

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I was recently at a dance workshop with the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

What was both interesting and surprising is that the Archbishop is quite the dancer. Not just your standard sway while driving your car kind of dancer, but more of a leap in the air and perform the splits while smiling type.

It was interesting at one point, through the use of a ribbon, he was attempting to gather all of us into a unified group in the center of the dance floor – which he failed at spectacularly. The problem was he talked about getting us all together in the center, but he seemed quite happy for us to be all over the place, doing our own thing.

The other startling thing was the amount of hair spray he used – two and a half cans; and that was just for his eyebrows.


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