March 31, 2008

job vacancy

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This in on the email:

“Dear Hairy Platypus, I love your blog! In particular the name, the content is poor but the name is great.

felix-unky.jpgWe recently received the very sad news that our much loved church pastor, Felix Unky is leaving, he feels God is calling him to write a popular book so he can make enough money to buy a large ministry house on the coast.

So we are on the hunt for a new pastor. Please could you post the following advert?


Wanted: Dynamic Pastor to take the church to the next level

The Jupiter Hill Church is looking for a new dynamic Senior Chief Supreme Pastor. We are a church of 3,500 but have plans to grow that to 1.2 million by the end of the year. The Pastor has to be: (more…)


March 26, 2008

a preposterously driven life

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I recently had the pleasure of catching up with world famous Christian author: Rick Rabbit-Warren about his massively huge best seller: Preposterously Driven Life.

HP: Rick thanks for your time, you are a bit of a hero of mine.

R R-W: I just want to start by saying that yes I am rich from book sales, but I give most of it away to desperately needy causes such as other less capable churches than mine.

HP: Great! So tell us about Preposterously Driven Life.

driven.jpgR R-W: Well it is particularly aimed at Christian leaders and those in Christian ministry. The idea is that I lay out the rules for being successful in ministry. The first preposterously driven principle is to work non stop and refuse to take breaks. It works along the lines that if you don’t do the task, no one will.

HP: Won’t that lead to burn-out? (more…)

March 24, 2008

the right way to manage church volunteers

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tough-biker-image.jpgRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing noted Church Management guru, Barry Whocares (see image on right) on his famous Church Volunteer Management Model:


HP: Thanks for your time, you are an important and busy man.

BO: Agreed.

HP: Tell us about your model.

BO: Well I have wrestled hedgehogs in the Amazon and have the scars inside my nostrils to prove it. Wanna see? (I politely decline). I have also written three best seller books including: Get off your pew and be like me which is available through Amazon for $16.95; though for a limited time if you purchase 100 you get a 5% discount.

HP: Err thanks, getting back to your model.. tell us about it. (more…)

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