April 15, 2008

new care program for pastors

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For years pastors received a full-time wage for working just a few hours each Sunday morning. And then thankfully pastors realized they had to overwork to please God. So boundaries went out the window and they made themselves available 24/7. This has the unfortunate side effect of creating a rather stressful life for the pastor, but help is at hand with a new program that aims to offer care for the overworked pastor.

Called Congregational Counseling it simply involves the pastor using their sermon, prayer time, one on one pastoral encounters, business meetings etc.. to work through their difficulties.

The approach is simple, under the guise of being ‘authentic’ and ‘transparent’ the pastor uses their own stories as illustrations and examples. So a sermon on prayer they would say,

I have been struggling with my prayer life for years, I want to pray more but I am simply too busy. Who has time for prayer? Why should I pray? What is the point? Can I be bothered? So today we are going to talk about how you can be a better prayer.

Sharing your issues in front of your congregation is very freeing and can be done most weeks in most encounters. Another example at a church finance meeting,

I see our finances aren’t going very well this quarter which I really understand as I am struggling myself to pay for our mortgage and the new jetski. Lying awake at night isn’t very healthy and in the same way, worrying about the church’s finances isn’t honoring to a God who provides. God loves me and God will look after me.. and I guess that includes the church finances as well I suppose.

The pastor gives so much to his congregation, it is time the congregation gave something back.



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