April 6, 2008

private jet donated for ministry on the move

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There were lots of ‘Praise my Lord!’ at Pastor Peter’s church recently when news came through that the congregation had banded together to buy the much loved Pastor his first private Jet.

Pastor Peter commented,

I Praise my Lord and thank the generous folks for this new Jet. It is an affirmation of what God has called me to do, to preach the Good News of God’s provision to the poor of the world.

Funding for the completion of a new local soup kitchen was put on hold to fund the Jet, but as Elder John commented, (more…)


March 26, 2008

a preposterously driven life

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I recently had the pleasure of catching up with world famous Christian author: Rick Rabbit-Warren about his massively huge best seller: Preposterously Driven Life.

HP: Rick thanks for your time, you are a bit of a hero of mine.

R R-W: I just want to start by saying that yes I am rich from book sales, but I give most of it away to desperately needy causes such as other less capable churches than mine.

HP: Great! So tell us about Preposterously Driven Life.

driven.jpgR R-W: Well it is particularly aimed at Christian leaders and those in Christian ministry. The idea is that I lay out the rules for being successful in ministry. The first preposterously driven principle is to work non stop and refuse to take breaks. It works along the lines that if you don’t do the task, no one will.

HP: Won’t that lead to burn-out? (more…)

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