March 24, 2008

the right way to manage church volunteers

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tough-biker-image.jpgRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing noted Church Management guru, Barry Whocares (see image on right) on his famous Church Volunteer Management Model:


HP: Thanks for your time, you are an important and busy man.

BO: Agreed.

HP: Tell us about your model.

BO: Well I have wrestled hedgehogs in the Amazon and have the scars inside my nostrils to prove it. Wanna see? (I politely decline). I have also written three best seller books including: Get off your pew and be like me which is available through Amazon for $16.95; though for a limited time if you purchase 100 you get a 5% discount.

HP: Err thanks, getting back to your model.. tell us about it. (more…)


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